Modern Healthcare

August 2013

Nurses at Mercy Hospital & Medical Center in Chicago were frustrated that they had to search through supply closets to find supplies and equipment. Lacking an efficient system, they felt they were wasting time that could be spent caring for patients, they complained to hospital leaders. In response, Mercy administrators implemented the BlueBin system…

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Orlando Medical News

July 2013

Nemours Children’s Hospital embraces lean supply system as part of ‘continuous improvement’ process. When Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando began its lean healthcare cultural transformation journey in 2008, the executive team huddled to define very specific and focused strategic goals, while also aligning all associates in the organization around those goals.

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New York Times

July 2010

The KanBan system is just one example of how Seattle Children’s Hospital says it has improved patient care, and its bottom line, by using practices made famous by Toyota and others. The main goals of the approach, known as kaizen, are to reduce waste and to increase value for customers through continuous small improvements…

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